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Beginning your journey with crystals

Beginning your journey with crystals should be fun; there are so many crystals, and so many ways to learn about them all.

When first starting to learn about crystals, we can dive right in, finding books on crystals and reading up on the pieces you already have while making lists of the stones you would like to add to your collection.

For the new collectors, there are also questions about how to care for your collection and how to use them.

Quartz crystals have exceptional natural beauty. You can get drawn to them immediately exploring their many different characteristics. Each piece is so different from the next, like snowflakes no two are the same.

Gaze into any crystal and feel the effects you receive. This can be soothing and calming or highly energetic and inspirational.

You may be attracted to the different colours of the crystal. The deep to lighter colour purples of an amethyst, Soft pinks of a rose quartz and the beautiful deep burgundy or transparent reds of the Red Phantom Crystals. Warm deep olive tones through to transparent greens. Mysterious browns to soft yellow citrines, or the almost black to light smokey browns. There is truly a full spectrum of colours and crystals to enjoy.

Exploring your crystal will be wondrous. You can find veils, fissures, phantoms, bubbles of water or air trapped from millions of years ago as well as inclusions that resemble mountains, pyramids and more. The characteristics within a crystal can be and are numerous.

You might be fascinated by the scientific attributes of crystals while others are more interested in the spiritual and metaphysical properties.

You may carry your crystal with you at all times or only only decorate your home and or office space for the positive and unique energies they emit.

Being attracted to quartz crystal of any kind and connecting to them is natural for most people.

Whatever your reason for acquiring your quartz crystal you will find more than the natural beauty in them but also the personal, emotional, & spiritual attachment will last a lifetime.

I enjoy making unique natural crystal pendants and pendulums. I create crystal collectibles that are perfect for your home or desk at work. Pocket crystals that are just the right size to keep on your person for close connection.

There are many types of crystals and ways to use them.

I do not alter, cut or drill any crystal. They are as nature intended them to be. I set them all individually and with care by hand.

I enjoy many crystals myself and now after many requests I have decided to share them with others.

I find great pleasure in making these items and better still enjoy the responses I receive when my buyer receives their item.

Blessings to you and yours

Crystal Chrysalis


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