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How Quartz Crystals Can Help You

Crystals have been used as aids in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing since the dawn of ancient civilization. In working with crystals, you will embark on a journey of rediscovering and healing your true inner self.


How Does Quartz Crystal Healing Work?


Healing with crystals is something everyone can do. It's convenient, easy, and inexpensive. In the simple terms, here's how it works:

Energy is the essence of the human body. Each type of crystal vibrates to its own specific type of energy. When your working with crystals, the energy of the stone actually blends with your own energy, thereby transforming and/or amplifying your vibrational frequency or the energy within your body. In turn, crystals help to re-balance and re-energize your body on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Each type of crystal radiates a certain type of energy, which corresponds to and works with the energies present in specific physical and/or emotional areas of your self.

As far as effectively working with crystals, you simply need to be around them. That's it! Of course, there are techniques and exercises you can do to enhance the healing effects of your crystals, but it truly is as simple as holding one in your hand, or placing one on your nightstand.


The most important thing you'll want to keep in mind is that, every now and then, your crystals should be cleansed.

This is because in addition to radiating healing energy, crystals also absorb our negative energies. Over time, and especially after a major healing session your crystal can absorb so much negative energy that they actually become blocked. This blockage weakens the crystal's natural healing effect.

Cleansing helps the crystal release the negative energy, thereby recharging the stone and increasing its healing power.


How Does Quartz Crystal Healing Work?

First cleanse - is just to remove any traces of dust or fingerprints. Simply run your crystal under running water. Of course, if your crystal item is delicate or has a been set into jewelry or a collectible, you may cleanse by gently wiping your crystal with a soft moist towel.

The second cleanse - and the more important one - is energetic.

Your intention is to purify the crystal to remove any negative energies or imbalances it may have picked up in handling by others. Of course, crystals will also rebalance and cleanse themselves over time if left unused and not handled. The following methods will allow you to help your crystal back to its balanced state right away.



If you have a large enough clustered crystal in your home, using it is the easiest way to cleanse and attune your new crystals. To do so, simply place your new crystal on top of a crystal cluster and leave it there until the next day. Amethyst Crystal Cluster works faster!



You can smudge your crystal with incense or smudge sticks. If you choose incense, any scent that enchants you will do, but those based upon sandalwood, sage, cedar, and frankincense have a long tradition of use as purifying agents. Simply hold your crystal in the smoke of the incense or smudge stick and let the smoke carry away any unwanted energies. You only need to do this until your crystal feels cleansed.



Dry sea salt is wonderful for removing negative energies, and since it is itself a crystal, it resonates well with crystal items. Simply fill a bowl with sea salt and bury your crystal in it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, remove your crystal and wipe clean. Discard the salt, as it now carries the imbalanced energies.

Caution: Do not use salt water, Salt water can damage crystals and jewelry pieces.



Place your crystals either outside or on a inside window ledge in the sun or moonlight. Many people have their preference between sun and moonlight, and you may choose one or the other: sun for a crystal that you intend to use in outgoing, yang areas, and moon for inner workings and yin areas. Some people prefer to use both sun and moon. (For the energy of both sun and moon, simply allow the crystal to absorb light from both of them by letting them bask in the same area for 24 hours.)



The vibrations of sound are wonderful for a quick refresh and cleanse of your crystal. A very personal way to cleanse your crystal is to sing or chant to it, using any beautiful melody that inspires you. Alternatively, you can use a bell, gong, wind chimes, singing bowl, or tuning fork.

(Singing bells are especially wonderful for this!)

Simply sing, and/or ring your bell close to the crystal until you feel the crystal is completely cleansed.


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